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I’ve seen many people, in various religions talk about choosing one word for the year. One word of what you want to bring into the new year, what you want God/dess to bring into your life. In the Magickal Sabbatical this winter, we were discussing all of our words, and I hadn’t thought about it until just then. What would I like to see most in my life, what one word could be all encompassing enough for me to want to use it in everything I do…. then it hit me, Create!
 Yes, Create is perfect for this upcoming year.  One, I want to create more… crafts, projects, items to sell and use in my spiritual work.  Two, I want to create a bigger more prosperous business.  Three, I want to create a healtier me!  But that’s not the end of the usefullness of the word.

Then a good friend in the Magickal Sabbatical, Zann, suggested that we use our word of the year with the Chakra Meditations.  Which I thought would be an amazing idea… especially since Athena, The Sage Goddess, did chakra and crystal readings for us.  She pulled the Root chakra and Rhodocrosite for me, and said I needed to work on grounding and family issues.  Which of course is so very accurate it’s crazy!





The Root chakra meditation is “I Am”.  So how does that apply to my word “Create”.  Well, quite easily…. “I Create Who I Am”.  Who do I want to create/become?  This is a question I have been asking myself for many many moons…. What do I want to be when I grow up?  LOL!  The answer still eludes me.


Then I think about SouLodge, and the message for the new year from Bear Medicine.  Which is to hibernate, think, restore, and  (now this is the important part of me) Just BE who I am!

The Goddess has been speaking to me… more like screaming at me lately.  Stop trying to be what others want you to be, stop trying to be everything to everyone, stop trying to be anything but WHO YOU ARE!!  And it takes me a while to listen to her.. much like any child listening to her mother, we arrogantly think we know better than our mother.  But in then end, we all know Mama is right! (at least I tell my boys that!).

So for this month, like Mama Bear tells me to do, I am hibernating with ME.  I am going to sit back and meditate on who I am.  I have created myself thus far, and I will create more of me tomorrow… but for today, I will enjoy just being me, as I am today.  A perfect, beautiful, strong woman, flaws and all… I am still prefect, beautiful and strong!


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