31 Days of Soul Medicine – Doorways

Posted in healing, Soul Medicine, Spirit on December 2, 2012 – 11:16 pm
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As part of our foundation work for these 31 Days of Soul Medicine, I ask you to ponder what is The Door for you? What leads you to this place on the trail, longing to go beyond? What soul making experiences make up the very bones of your life, and as such, the tapestry of your?

There are so many different doorways and portals that have been created in my life.   Mostly grief and abandonment issues, guilt and shame, illnesses from childhood.  I feel like my entire life has been like a phoenix rising from the ashes… that which does not kill us makes us stronger.  That old adage has more meaning to me than so many others!

All of these things, that have made me stronger, that have made me into the woman that I am today, is what drives me to become more.  To discover what it is that I’m going to become when I’m done “baking”.  There is so much that I’d like to do, but I also know that Deity often has other ideas, and generally they are much better than I can imagine.  So I know that one of my biggest doors/challenges is to trust, be open, and let go!


What are your doors?  What has brought you to the place where you are and where is the doorway going to take you?


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