Wishcasting Wednesday – What Do You Wish To Have?

Posted in Wishcasting on May 19, 2010 – 8:29 am
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Jamie Ridler holds Wishcasting Wednesdays with writing prompts that asks us to make a wish.  To find what is in our souls, what we desire and then we write about them on our blogs.  Then along with others that are doing the same thing, we all visit each others blogs and make the wish for each other.  This is a powerful chain of wishes.  If you’d like to join or visit more people who are also making their wishes, then please click on the button above.

What Do You Wish To Have?

This week, Jamie asks us what do we wish to have?  This isn’t necessarily an easy question to answer.  Mostly because there are lots of things that I’d like to have, but are they what I would “wish” for?  There are things that I”m currently working on getting/accomblishing already.  Would I wish for those things?  Would I wish for things that I couldn’t accomplish on my own or that are such daydreams that they may never come true?  I just don’t know… I guess, when it comes down to it, I would wish for all of those things.  The things that I can’t get without help, the things I”m currently working on, and the things that are so far out of reach that they are mere fantasies.  So here is my list as it stands right now.  In no particular order.

  • The new HTC EVO droid phone.  I’ve already pre-ordered it and will get it on June 4th.  So that’s in the works.
  • A Successful business that will afford me to travel, spend more time with my family, and not worry about money any more.  My busisness isn’t quite there yet, but it’s growing.. so it’ll be there eventually.
  • Time.. more time.  This is a bit far out of reach really.  Just because you have no control over time, just what you do with it.
  • All my bills paid off, I’m definitely working on that one already.
  • A Cobalt Blue Porsche 911 – that one is almost out of reach.. but it’s possible
  • A bigger house where the boys can each have their own room, Steve & I can have a nice big master suite, there’d be an office, a nice garage, big living room, big kitchen, and somewhere we could have a poker table!  LOL  This one is doable… just don’t know when.

Well, that’s my list.   What do YOU wish to have?


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