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Gods Thursday

So here I go with another weekly posting of something Wiccan.  It’s a great way to keep fresh information on my blog and it’s also a great way for me to learn new things as I go along.  One of the things I like to do is find interesting Gods and Goddesses.  So Thursdays will be God’s Day, and Saturday’s will be Goddess Day.  Where each week (yea I know, probably not EVERY week) I”ll give you a new God to learn a little something about.    I hope you’ll enjoy it and learn a little something with me.

Egyptian God Bes

I will normally post a picture of a statue or painting of the God that I chose to write about.  However, Bes, is a naughty little guy and I couldn’t find a picture of him withOUT a huge… ummm…. male appendage sticking out.  And although I’m not a prude, this isn’t the blog that I’m uninhibited with my sexuality on.  LOL!  (See Wyndsong Writes for sex toy reviews)  So, ya’ll will have to deal with a verbal description of this honey little devil!


Bes is short, deformed, and ugly.  Usually depicted with a large falace at least the same size as the rest of his body. Often shown with bowed legs, long beard, and his tongue hanging out.  Also shown with full face instead of a profile like most Egyptian gods.


Fertility, childbirth, protection, humor, Beltane,

About the God:

This is one of the more unusual Gods since he is the only God that is  a protector/helper of childbirth.  All the others are Goddesses.  Supposedly he not only protects the mother and child during childbirth but also encourages the child to “Hurry Up and be born, it’s fun out here”.  He is usually considered a household god and protects those within the house from evil spirits.  Which is why he is so ugly.  One of the best ways to ward off evil of any kind (illness, black magic, etc.) is with laughter.  Just looking at him and his big… “Thang” will make you want to laugh for sure.

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