Tarot Tuesday – The Horned One

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Tarot Tuesdays

Tarot Tuesdays have become one of my favorite days to write on this blog.  I know I haven’t been terribly consistent, but it’s been great for me.  By looking at one card a week, I’m stretching my knowledge and my ability to read the Tarot.  There wasn’t anyone who commented (specifically for the contest) last week, so there isn’t a winner.  I guess if anyone wants a free tarot reading they can contact me about it and I’ll consider doing one for them.  If not, well… se la vie!

The Horned One


Pictured at night in the forest, under a large full yellow moon in the top right corner and a large orange ball, presumably the sun, in the bottom left corner.  The Horned One (also known as Cernunnos, Pan or the Devil) stops the two naked lovers in the forest.


An acceptance of that which cannot be proved, or the learning of the existence of that which cannot be proved.  An awakening of faith.  Like Death & the Tower, these experiences are usually painful, bu their result is eventually seen to be worth the pain.  Reversed:  Bondage to form – especially a recognition of that bondage and a desire to be free.  A search for understanding of that which cannot be proved.  Second Degree Initiation.  A recognition of yourself beyond your gender – awareness of God within.

My Interpretation:

This is the card of the God, be he within or without yourself.  God has come into your life, has some form of control of it, and is guiding you or stopping you, to do something.  This is the time that you need to be aware of your inner deity and the connection to the Universe.  Whatever struggles you are going through will be worth the reward in the end.


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