A Very Special Tarot Tuesday & Blogoversary Celebration Giveaway!!!

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Tarot Tuesdays & Blogoversary!

Thanks to Teena in Toronto for commenting on yesterdays post for reminding me that today was indeed our blogoversary!  We, being Pagan Witch.com not actually me, are 7 years old today!  wow!!!  I can’t believe I started this website 7 years ago today.  It’s been through a few changes since I first started the site.  In the beginning it was just a regular HTML site, with my short stories, poetry and some articles on it.  It was I think, two years ago that I changed it into a blog.  It’s a much more dynamic and fluid type of website being a blog.  I can do a little more with it, and I like it better.  so there!  LOL!

Four of Swords


This is a young man dressed in all red (or maroon) sitting on the floor with four swords placed hilt to blade in a square formation.


Constructive action, effective action, building, putting in order.  Will put into order to become useful.  Energy now has a project to be directed to.  Reversed: Action accomplishes nothing, tyranny.  Building overdone – parking lot replaces trees.  Querent used action instead of thought.  Next time, think first, and if the best thing to do is nothing, do nothing.

My Interpretation:

I see a man with lots of plans.  Someone who is willing to take action, isn’t afraid of what others might say and is willing to risk failure to achieve his ultimate goals.  He’s readying himself for his future, even if sometimes that is meditation (sitting and doing nothing), he’s doing whatever it is that he needs to do to take those next big steps.

So, since I didn’t really know about my blogoversary coming up and I didn’t plan on it, I thought I’d do something special anyway.  So I thought I’d do a little giveaway!  How does a free tarot reading sound?

So Here’s the giveaway!

Blogoversary Tarot Reading Giveaway!!

What:  One 10 Card Tarot Reading via email

Who:  Anyone!  Since it will be done via email, you’ll just need an email address for me to send it to you!

When:  Deadline is Monday April 26th 9PM PST (I have to go to bed early, so ya’ll just have to get in your entries by the time I go to bed :P)

How:  One entry per action Leave a comment after you do one or all of these things listed below.

  1. Leave a comment with a question you’d like answered in your Tarot reading.
  2. Blog about this giveaway on your blog with a link back to me
  3. Add my button to your blog/website!
  4. Follow Me On Twitter
  5. Tweet about this contest!!!
  6. Follow My blog on Facebook or google connect
  7. Share this giveaway on ANY social networking site
  8. Subscribe to my RSS feed

Winner will be picked via Random.org and announced next Tarot Tuesday (April 27, 2010).

So, there you go!  Have fun and comment comment comment!  LOL!


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