Meaning Monday – Invocation vs. Evocation

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Meaning Monday:  Invocation Vs. Evocation

I decided to give a little understanding on the differences between Imvocation and Evocation.  Though they are very similar in meaning and substance they are very different in actuality.  Below you will find the actual dictionary definition of each, but there is a little difference in how we use them as Pagans and Wiccans.




1. the act of invoking or calling upon a deity, spirit, etc., for aid, protection, inspiration, or the like; supplication.
2. any petitioning or supplication for help or aid.
3. a form of prayer invoking God’s presence, esp. one said at the beginning of a religious service or public ceremony.
4. an entreaty for aid and guidance from a Muse, deity, etc., at the beginning of an epic or epiclike poem.
5. the act of calling upon a spirit by incantation.
6.the magic formula used to conjure up a spirit; incantation.


[ev-uh-key-shuhn, ee-voh-key-] –noun act or instance of evoking; a calling forth: the evocation of old memories.
2.Law. (formerly) an action of a court in summoning a case from another, usually lower, court for purposes of complete review and decision, as on an appeal in which the issue is incidental or procedural and the court of first instance has not yet rendered a decision on its merits; the removal of a case from one court to another.

From my teachings from Ecclasia:

Invoking – To call forth into a space and/or yourself energy from the Higher Realms (Godhead, Deity, Angles)

Evoking – To call forth into a space, not ourselves, energy from our realm and the Lower Realms (i.e. parts of ourselves, Watchers, or Elementals).

Basically the difference between the two words is WHAT you are bringing forth from another realm and where you are bringing it to.  If  you are calling upon a Deity to come into your circle, you are Invoking that deity.  If you are calling the Watchtowers of the directional quadrants, then you are Evoking them.  If you are Drawing Down the Moon, then you are Invoking the moon.   If you are calling upon the elemental of water, then you are Evoking the water elements.

I was always taught that it’s like the difference between how you, as an adult, treat authority figures and your children (or other children).  Authority figures you treat with respect for their position, where as children, you treat them with respect, but as children.  You are the authority over a child, and must treat them as such.  The same goes for Deity versus Elementals.  Deity must always be treated with the utmost respect for who they are.  Whereas Elementals need to be commanded with more authority.

This is why when you call upon the God & Goddess during your ritual, you are respectful, flattering, and pleading to them to come to the circle.  You never demand that they be there for you, you ask politely.  However the elements or the directional Watchtowers, you’ll command them to come to protect the circle and be there to watch over those who participate.  Of course it’s commanding with respect, but still a command none the less.

It’s kind alike this.  I “ask” my mom politely if she’ll let my sons stay the night at her house.  I know she’ll more than likely say yes, but I always ask her and will always take no for an answer if she decides to say no.  Where as my boys, I tell them to take the trash out, and they do not have the option to tell me no, period.  But I still tell them politely… unless they give me attitude, then I’ll get grouchy!  LOL!  I see deity and elementals in the same way.

This is why there are specific “calls” for Watchtowers or Elementals, but when calling Deity, it is best if it comes from the heart.  Deity love to hear the songs that we sing from our souls.  The Watchtowers and Elementals need to know who is in charge.


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  1. jessica posted on April 9, 2010 at 10:32 pm | Permalink

    Aaaahhh, sort of like spirit animals. Each has their own level of meaning and status.
    I get it.
    .-= jessica´s last blog ..Follow Your Heart, Navigate With Your Brain =-.

  2. Kendra posted on April 12, 2010 at 8:55 am | Permalink

    Exactly! And each level of meaning and status deserves a different approach. 🙂

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