Meaning Monday – Aspects

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Meaning Monday – Aspects


as·pect [as-pekt] –noun

  1. appearance to the eye or mind; look: the physical aspect of the country.
  2. nature; quality; character: the superficial aspect of the situation.
  3. a way in which a thing may be viewed or regarded; interpretation; view: both aspects of a decision.
  4. part; feature; phase: That is the aspect of the problem that interests me most.
  5. facial expression; countenance: He wore an aspect of gloom. Hers was an aspect of happy optimism.
    bearing; air; mien: warlike in aspect.
  6. view commanded; exposure: The house has a southern aspect.
  7. the side or surface facing a given direction: the dorsal aspect of a fish; the northern aspect of the house.

From Ecclasia’s Teachings:

Forms, facets, or personas of Deity:  for example, Brighid, Iseult, Eos, and Kore are all aspects of the Maiden, and the Maiden is an aspect of the Goddess.

In Wicca, an Aspect is generally used in refrence to the God or Goddess.  An Aspect of the Goddess would be the various Goddesses that you find through out history and from every culture.  Each Aspect of the Goddess is different in some way.  You’ll find aspects of the Goddess who are protectors of children or women, those who are huntresses, and those who are guardians of a particular virtue. 

One of my personal favorite Goddesses or aspect of the Goddess is Ma’at, the Egyptian Goddess of Truth & Justice.  I found out about Ma’at when researching her for a Goddess report I was doing for my Wicca Class.  I knew I wanted to write about a Goddess of justice, being a Libra that was important to me.  I had never heard of Ma’at before, which I also liked.  The more I read about her, the more I liked her.  I now have a statue of her (and one of Anubis who is said to be her mate) for my altar.

Most people find an affinity to one specific aspect of the Goddess & God.  Sometimes you are called to that aspect by a dream, vision, or just out of curiousity & research.  However you find a Goddess or God that you feel close to, even if it’s just for a short time, is the “right way”.  There are also some people who never feel a special bond with any specific God or Goddess, and this is alright as well.  There is never a right or wrong way to worship or believe.  So if you don’t feel a calling to any one aspect, don’t try to force it.  Let the God & Goddess come to you, eventually one will feel closer to your soul than others, when the time is right for you.


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