Tarot Tuesday – Two of Swords

Posted in Tarot on March 16, 2010 – 7:41 am
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Tarot Tuesdays

Good morning everyone!  I hope you’re week has been going well.  Today is Tarot Tuesday and it’s also the day after “Napping Day” which is the holiday to celebrate naps and to help you get more sleep after the dreaded Daylight Saving Time.  I hate hate hate the time change!  LOL!  The only good thing about the time change is the fact that there is more daylight.  More time to do fun things!  Instead of it being dark and cold (which I actually prefer), it’s warm and bright.  Which means picnics, BBQ’s, trips to parks and beaches and lots of other out door activities.  I mention this on Tarot Tuesday because the card I pulled today is:

Two of Swords


This is from the Witches Tarot deck by Ellen Cannon Reed.  It is a young man on a hill top about to go into battle with some unseen foe.  The colors are Red, blue, white, and brown.  The young man has one sword in his hand at the ready for battle and the other at his side in a scabard.


Forceful action.  Will power.  Action does have energy behind it.  Querent can move if he or she has found the proper direction in whic to do so.  Reversed: Guerent may have desire, but desire is not strong enough for Querent to take action.  In his case, Querent should consider if desire is a true one.  Querent may be in the state of mind to do something even if it’s wrong.  In this case no move should be made at this time.

My Interpretation:

This is definitely time for action, whether you’ve decided to take action or are thrown into it.  If you’ve pulled this card it is a call to arms, you must and will move on whatever is coming toward you.  And like it says above, inaction is sometimes as much of a move as any action you can take.  Be prepared to make your move.


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