Tarot Tuesday – The Lovers

Posted in Tarot on March 24, 2010 – 10:14 am
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Tarot Tuesday

Ok, so I know, it’s not Tuesday AGAIN!  I’d start calling it Tarot Wednesday, but then I’d end up doing it on Thursdays… and it would just continue down the week until it was back on Tuesdays.  So we’ll just pretend, whatever day I actually post these on, is, in fact, Tuesday.  LOL!  I am posting more often though, and that’s what the whole idea is all about.  So here is today’s Tarot Tuesday!

The Lovers


As you can see, there are two naked (well the card shows the completely naked, but as I don’t feel comfortable posting naked pictures on my blog, I added the leaves… you can still tell they are naked, just no naughty bits are showing) people, a man & woman, lovingly holding each others hands.  They are standing together as if in heaven, with the sun shining behind the woman, and she is looking up toward an angel or goddess, while the man is lovingly looking at the woman.  This is a beautiful illustration of love and spirituality within the Wiccan religion.  It symbolizes how women are the ones who generally guide us towards spirit, and man guides us to the physical realm.  Or at least that’s the way I see it.


Querent begins to see a greater view of all – both creation and Querent’s Spirit.  The Number 7.  Reversed – Realization of self value.  Understanding comes… and love.

My Interpretation:

This is more than just physical/sexual love being shown in this card.  This is spiritual love, divine love, & self love.  Depending on the cards drawn around it, this could mean a new or current relationship.  Match made in heaven.  Definitely a good card no matter which way it is facing.


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