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Posted in Religion & Beliefs, Resource on March 19, 2010 – 11:17 pm
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I found this really great project through The Domestic Witch.  I thought that this is a wonderful idea.  Being a Christian Witch, I often find that sometimes Pagans are more intolerant of my beliefs than even Christians are.  So I wanted to have this on my website to remind everyone to be more tolerant  I suggest that if you believe in these same ideals that you should join in the project.

Project Pagan Enough seeks to say that – no matter your beliefs, practices, looks, or loves – you are pagan enough. We can argue theology back and forth all day long and disagree with one another’s fluff-factor until the cows come home, but it is high time that we stop denigrating one another’s level of being pagan. Paganism does not have a set definition, and there is definitely not a dress code or music-loving requirement.

If you listen to Lady Gaga right alongside Kellianna, you are still pagan enough. If you don’t mind wearing Abercrombie & Fitch, Prada, or other name brand, mainstream clothing to the local pagan festival, you are still pagan enough.

Also, Project Pagan Enough seeks to encourage members of the pagan community to be more tolerant of other religions, beliefs, and practices. What do I mean? Aren’t we the most tolerant of all faith-based communities? Well, what happens when you hear the word ‘Christian?’ Are you still that tolerant, loving, inclusive pagan?

Many of us, and this is not specific to Paganism, choose not to really understand other faiths. Thus, we base our ideas of that faith on actions of the people that practice it. We say that Christianity is a mirror of the Christians who claim it as their faith. But, this is a horrible method of learning about other faiths, just like trying to learn Paganism by looking at the actions of self-proclaimed Pagans. People kill in the name of all faiths. People hurl insults in the name of all faiths. People foster hatred and jealousy and ill-will and harm in the name of all faiths. Project Pagan Enough seeks to say that we should be secure enough in our beliefs and ourselves to truly tolerate other religions and stop laying blame for what we consider to be the evils of the world on the doorstep of other faiths.

So, Project Pagan Enough is a movement, a cause, a Harmonious Riot that includes bloggers, podcasters, pagans, non-pagans, me, you, and the whole pagan community. It is my hope that the Project Pagan Enough logo becomes a beacon of progress and change for those of us living a magical life. By putting the Project Pagan Enough icon on your podcast’s site, blog, or other website, you’re making a set of promises:

1. You are pagan enough, despite how you look, act, smell, dress, believe, or are.
2. You recognize that others are pagan enough despite their appearance, smell, manner of dress, belief, practice, or other aspect.
3. You recognize that you can have an academic debate on the finer points of belief or practice, but that it does not take away from someone else’s level of being pagan.
4. You welcome, befriend, and encourage others in the pagan community despite their appearance, dress, or other physical or superficial characteristic.
5. You promise to treat members of other faiths, despite the faith, with honest-to-goodness fairness, equality, and grace, not judging them or their faith based on the actions of fringe members of their same faith.

Like the points of the pentacle, these 5 tenets of Project Pagan Enough work together and will, I hope, launch our community into a new era of tolerance, love, and all of the qualities we like to think we have.


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