Monday Meaning – Dwellers

Posted in Meme, Monday Meaning on March 22, 2010 – 12:40 pm
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I’ve decided to make Mondays a weekly issue here.  I want to give you the spiritual meaning of some term or object every Monday.  I’ll go over tools, Sabbats, spiritual aspects, Gods/Goddesses, and just about everything else I can think of that you, as a Wiccan, Pagan & Spiritual being, needs to know the meaning of.   I hope you’ll like this weekly article and will come back often.  This is the first one, enjoy!

Dwellers, in the magical sense, are those inner demons that throw obstacles in your path to keep you from moving forward.  Usually you’ll know you’re on the right path by how strong the dwellers are.  If you’re going through hell, and you’re on a path of spirituality, then you’re dwellers will come out in force to try and keep you where you are at.

When I first started on my Wiccan Path, and started taking the Wicca class with Ecclasia, the dwellers threw a divorce at me.  That ended my first attempt at getting intiated.  When I started the class again about 4 years later, I ended up having an abortion and breaking up with my boyfriend.  I struggled and fought my way to finally initiating, and my boyfriend and I got back together.

This time, trying to go through my second degree, I’ve been dealing with A LOT of dwellers.  Everything from medical problems (having gall stone attacks that have been really bad) to dealing with a Co-Teacher that I total disagreed with.  Because of those disagreements I’ve had to quit going to the class.  Which of course has made me question my 2nd degree training and lots of other things.  So I’m dealing with my dwellers a lot right now.

Dwellers can be anything from something small like getting a snag in  your nylons on the way to your class to something big like going through a divorce or major medical problems.  When these dwellers pop up you have a choice on how to deal with them.  You can either let them throw you off your path and back down, or you can fight them and keep going on the path that you know is the right one.  It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it in the end.  And if you have a good teacher and support network, then you’ll make it through a lot easier.


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