Tarot Tuesday – Two of Pentacles

Posted in Tarot on February 23, 2010 – 11:45 am
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Tarot Tuesdays

Today is Tarot Tuesday, where I draw a card from my Tarot deck and we learn about that card and what it means.  Today I drew The Two of Pentacles (also known as coins).  The pentacles or coins are generally thought to be the suit of money, finances and abundance.  So when you draw one of those cards it is usually pertaining to money or finances in some way.


As you can see the two of pentacles is a muscle bound man, holding a large dumbell (which are the pentacles) and holding out his hand waiting to be given bundles of money.  Those bundles of money are coming from three separate hands, which you can’t see the owners of the hands.  Notice how much green is in the card as well.


From the Witches Tarot book by Ellen Cannon Reed:

Physical force, physical energy, movement.  It is possible to gain through physical labor.  Good work.  Reversed – Weakness, no energy, no chance to gain through work.  Earthquake.  Half-hearted work or unwillingness to work.

My Interpretation:

As I look at this card I see a man who has worked hard to get where he is.  You don’t build a body like he has in a single day… or even a single year.  This is something that takes time to become.  And it’s because of that hard work, that patience, that confidence in himself, that he is getting all that money, coming from many directions, but all because of his hard work.  By looking at the card like this, I feel that the interpretation is that because of something that the querrent has worked hard at, for a long period of time, they will reap the rewards of that project.  Maybe it’ll be rewards of finances, maybe it’ll be rewards of some other kind, but it will be rewarded.  Reversed, I feel that this card is saying that you’re not working hard enough to get the money/ rewards that you expect.  And you know it!  This means that YOU know what you should do to get what you want, but YOU aren’t willing to do it, you want something for nothing.  The universe doesn’t work that way.  But you can turn it around by putting your nose to the grindstone and working your ASS off!



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