Full Moon – Review of a Ritual

Posted in Esbats, rituals on October 5, 2009 – 11:43 am
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So Saturday was the full moon and since the boys have been taking the Wicca class that I’m co-teaching, I wanted to do a ritual with them.  But honestly, I’m lazy, and I didn’t give myself very much time to write my own ritual, so I bought one.  Yes, that’s right… I purchased a ritual.    I know, I know, I know…. you’re saying  to yourself, WTF?  You’re not supposed to BUY rituals, you’re supposed to make your own, put your own energy into them, etc.  Yea, well.. sometimes I just like eating Mcdonalds instead of cooking dinner, and this is sorta the same thing.  Although, I wouldn’t compare this ritual to McDonald’s food!  It was much better than that!

Which brings me to this little post.  I thought since we are all really busy in this fast paced, fill your time to the brim and burn candles at both ends, that it would be helpful to our community to have some good honest reviews of some of these “Fast-Food” style of paganism.  So here it goes!


Through Night’s Fire Astrology offers full and new moon rituals.  You can purchase them individually as just a downloadable & printable ritual or as a full kit with specific supplies that go with the ritual.  Or you can purchase a subscription to the monthly newsletter that sends out both the full and new moon rituals.  They have the main rituals  and alternative rituals for purchase and they go with whatever the current moon is.

I wanted to do a ritual with my sons that wouldn’t take up too much of my time in figuring out what I needed (I have a large supply of various ritual items, but some of my consumables, herbs, oils, ect. are waning).  Plus I really didn’t have the time nor the energy to write my own ritual.  So I found this site and they had a full moon ritual for the moon being in Aries that was affordable.  It only cost $3.35 to purchase the ritual and be able to print it out.  They also had a ritual kit that came with candles, herbs, pouch, stones, and an incense stick, all this came with the ritual and only cost $14.25.  However, I didn’t find this ritual until friday, which was way too late to purchase the entire kit.  So I ran out and purchased the few things that I would need for this ritual, for the three of us.

The ritual was for Courage and used the Aries moon to grant wishes in the form of asking for abilities to get what you want.  We wrote our wishes on pieces of paper, burned the candles over them, charged a carnelian stone with our wishes, and then after the ritual was over we put them in a pouch (stones, paper, herbs,  & some candle wax) and then put them under our pillows.  After a couple of weeks, when the moon is in the right position, we’ll bury the pouches.

This was a nice and quick little ritual, that was a good one to do with my boys.  It didn’t take very long to do and went really well with the things we’ve been going over in class.  Overall, I’d say this was definitely worth the money  I spent purchase this ritual.    I may decide to subscribe to the rituals, whether I use them or not, they would be good to have in my witches arsenal.  I would highly recommend going to this site when you are in need of a quick easy ritual that feels good.  I wouldn’t say do this all the time, but on occasions like this, when you want something quick and don’t have time to do it yourself.. this works out nicely.


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