Cords, Knots, & Braids…. Oh MY!

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I was going to talk about cords in my last post because I mentioned the boys going through their Brown Cording next week.  Then I realized that if I talked about cords, that post would end up much longer than I really wanted it to be.  So, I figured the best thing to do was dedicate a whole post just to cords.  This is that post.

Cords – What Are They Good For?

In Wicca cords, knots and braids are used in magic a lot.  Actually, they are used in society a lot for all types of magic.  If you’ve ever “tied a ribbon on your finger” to remind yourself of something, you’ve done a little knot magic.  Ribbons being tied around packages are remnants of old magic and rituals.  And for the “serious” witch, you’ll use knots and cords in magic for bringing all sorts of good luck, wishes, and various outcomes to your life.

Although there are lots of different spells that can be found for tying knots (including the marriage knot), I’m not going to be talking about that here.  You can find that information just about anywhere.  What I am going to talk about are the cords that we wear in ritual.


In Wicca, but most specifically in the Ecclasian tradition, we wear cords of various colors during our rituals.  These cords aren’t just pretty belts to wear around our robes.  These are used for several reasons.  One reason is to show your standing or rank within the coven.  The other is to help keep you grounded and centered within the circle.

The Colors & Their Meanings:

  • Brown – Just finished the beginning Wicca course and is dedicated to the Wiccan path.
  • Black – Given at Wiccaning – a person who has gone through the “Threshold” and is on the path to Initiation into Ecclasia
  • Silver/Gold – A Silver or Gold  strand is added to the Black cord at initiation, symbolizes a 1st degree initiate.  The choice of color is up to the initiate, Silver symbolizing the Goddess and Gold symbolizing the God.
  • 2nd Silver/Gold – A second strand of either Silver or Gold is added to the Black cord at the 2nd degree.  Must be the opposite of what was chosen at 1st degree (i.e. If Silver chosen at 1st degree, Gold must be taken at 2nd.)
  • Red – is add to those who choose the Teachers path in Ecclasia
  • Blue – Added to those who choose to be healers
  • Yellow – Added to those who choose to be diviners
  • Green – Added to those who choose to be Herbologists
  • White – The white cord is only given to those who go through 3rd degree training and have become elders in the path.

brown cordblack-silver cord

These are two examples of cords within the Ecclasian tradition.

Brown Cording

The Brown Cording ritual that my sons and the other students in the Beginning Wicca class will be going through is this coming Monday.  I obviously can not tell you anything about the actual ritual, but needless to say it’s a big step for anyone on this path.  They will be affirming their dedication to the Wiccan path and starting the Threshold into further studies.  I am proud of my sons and my students for taking this step and I am looking forward to guiding them further onto this path.  I’d like to thank each of them for allowing me to be their teacher and guide and I can’t wait to work with each of you further!




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