What’s In A Name?

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“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.  Romeo and Juliet ( Quote Act II, Sc. II).

Names – they are so important for so many reasons.  Not that many years ago, babies weren’t named until they were between 1 & 2 years old because of the high infant mortality rate.  Boys were given “girls” names to hide their gender from the gods in fear that they would be jealous.  Native Americans gave their children names after their personality had been established and then often as they turned into young adults they would take on new names from their circumstances or attitudes.   Names are important because of all of these reasons and more.

When you give anything a name, you are labeling it, describing it, changing it, giving it power.  That’s why when you are in the craft y ou take a name that represents your path, your spirit, and who you want to be as much as who you already are.  Your “Craft Name” signifies to the mundane world and the spiritual world that you are ready to spiritual workings and that your path is chosen.

I have taken 2 “Craft Names” during my spiritual journey.  I chose different names because of the point on my path that I was on called me to take a new name.  I didn’t take a name because a book told me to, but because SPIRIT told me to.  I didn’t realize it until Monday at my Wicca class, but that’s what has been holding me up with my Second Degree training, I need a new name, one for this part of my journey.

The first, many may already know, Wyndsong, was taken about 15 years ago when I first started studying Wicca.  This name has become a part of my persona as much as my given name, Christine.  It is who I am… and yet, not completely.   I chose Wyndsong for 2 main reasons, because I am a Libra and identify with the Air element and love the wind and because I love to sing and hear songs in the wind all the time.  (Side note on the spelling: I use a y instead of an i because of all of my online dealings, windsong has been taken in just about every forum, site and membership online from the beginning, but “wyndsong” is still all ME!).

The second name I chose, and the one I’ve been currently using, was chosen around my 1st degree training and initiation.  This name is Kendra Makani, which roughly translates to Knowing Woman of the Wind.  See how I’m sticking with the “Air Elemental” correspondences?  Being a Libra is very important to me, and so is being identified with the element of Air.  This name was chosen for more than it’s elemental correspondences, it was also what I wanted to become in my spiritual path.  I wanted to become a knowledgeable woman within the craft.  This name was my “Mother” aspect of the goddess, where Wyndsong was my “Maiden” aspect.

Now, I have decided to take another name.  I do know what it will be already, but I will not be sharing it here, at least not yet.  I will however, tell you how I came to pick the name and what it means to me.

Monday night, at the Beginning Wicca class that I’ve been teaching here locally, we were discussing craft names.  We were talking about what they mean, how to choose them and so on.  I told the class about my two different craft names, as I did above, and then suddenly it hit me.  I needed a NEW name for this part of my journey.  So That night, and last night I went to bed asking the Universe to send me a message.  I wanted to know what my name should be.  I was hoping that I would have a dream about my name… instead I had some disturbing dreams about being sick and being in a plane crash.  Not the kind of dreams I was hoping for!  So I started looking around online at goddess names, fairy names, and then resorted to those stupid name generators.  Not so much to actually find a name, but to find some sort of inspiration.

Then I found the Pythorium website and their Pagan Name Generator.  This generator not only asks you to type in your given name, but also what element you’d like the name to be associated with.  BINGO!  Of course this made me very happy, and I plugged in my name and the element of Air and a name popped up that I had never heard of before.  Certainly not online, and definitely not in the craft community (at least none that I had seen).  So again, this made me VERY happy!  I really don’t want to be one of a million others with the same name.  So then, I looked up the history, meaning, and numerology of the name.  It so happens to be a very important person in Alexandrian times, Egyptian!  Again, this is perfect for me, because I am very drawn to the Egyptian pantheon.  She was a real person, a philosopher, scientist, astrologer and teacher.  The numerology was also perfect!  So, after much study of the name, and it feeling so right with me (I even love the spelling, it’s purrrty when I write it in cursive), I think that this will become my new craft name.

I don’t know when I’ll “officially” take the name, and I may never decide to use it online.  Mostly because I want it to be more sacred.. however, I tend to change my mind about things quite often, so I may start using it only as my Pagan Only persona.  We’ll see.  I haven’t decided quite yet.  Of course I’ve already decided to go see if the domain name is taken!  LOL!


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