What do I want & how does that make me feel?

Posted in law of attraction on October 8, 2008 – 3:30 pm
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I am a cute and sassy woman weighting 125 lbs.  As I walk down the street my hips swing back and forth catching the eyes of men.  My sweet and flirty smile makes my eyes twinkle.  I’m curvy and light and energetic and sexy.  I feel great and can wear anything I want to.  I wear midriffs and shorts and miniskirts and tight jeans, and no matter what I wear I look great and feel great.
I always have more than enough money in my bank account to pay all my bills on time and plenty left over to have fun.  I love going shopping and love buying things that call out people’s names too me.  I’m an excellent shopper because I always pick out the perfect gift for everyone and I never worry about how much it costs.  I love buying gadgets, mostly kitchen gadgets.  I always have the latest and greatest kitchen appliances, home entertainment appliances, game systems and newest technology.  I have the newest iPod, the newest cell phone, and never worry about how much it costs.
My house is a large house in the mountains, with trees all around it.  Plenty of room for dogs, cats, and other animals.  The house is a five bedroom house with an office and garage attached.  The master bedroom sweet has enough room for a large California king sized tempurpedic bed, a nice comfy loveseat, a wide screen TV with a media center, and French doors that open onto a covered patio.  The master bath has a large avertene stone shower and a large Jacuzzi tub big enough for 2 and his and her sink vanity.  The boy’s rooms are on the other side of the house and between their rooms is a bathroom that they share.  Their rooms are big enough for their own beds, a shelf for books, TV, dresser drawers and a nice sized closet.  Both bedrooms are the same size, with big windows in them.  We have a school room that is more like a den with no doors on it, with tables and computer desks for the boys.  There are shelves for their school books and supplies, and maps and art work cover the walls.  There is one guest bedroom, a living room, formal dining room, and a family room where the entertainment center is.  The kitchen is a large “chefs” kitchen with the best and biggest appliances, and plenty of cabinet and storage space.  There is also a nice breakfast nook where we have a small round table and four chairs.
The office that is attached to our house, but it is separated by a door.  This is where we go to do whatever business we need to.  Our computers are there, filing cabinets, and a TV with media center.  We also have a data center closet that has its own temperature controls.
The garage is on the other side of the house, and it is a 5 car garage, although usually only a couple of cars are parked inside the actual garage.  Our other smaller “toys” are in the garage as well.  We have ATV’s, bike, a motor cycle, and there is a work bench, tools, and gardening supplies.
My car is a cobalt blue, hardtop, Porsche 911 Carrere.  I love feeling the motor hum and feeling the leather steering wheel in my hands.  I love feeling the power of the car roaring under me.
The money is always there in my bank account whatever I want or need no matter what it is; I have the money for it in my bank and more.  I always give 10% to my spiritual teacher, who ever that may be at the time.  I give my time to charities that I feel close to.   I write from my heart with a creative flair, to see things that can help others like me, to live the lives that they want.  My permit company has grown to where Steve and I don’t have to actually do most of the work.  We’re there to maintain the business, and make sure the customers are getting treated right.  That doesn’t take much of our time, besides that I write and am published in many places.  I have articles in many magazines; I have a homeschool coaching business, several best seller books on homeschooling and the Law of Attraction.  I have multiple streams of income, and have many more that always come unexpectedly to me.
I have taught the boys how to be entrepreneurs with the law of attraction and they have their own small businesses that they earn more than enough money to buy the things they want.  Everything that Steve and I touch turns to gold, and we make money at.  Life is fulfilling and joyful.


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  1. igoddess posted on November 27, 2008 at 9:10 pm | Permalink

    wooo hooooo, you are AWESOME. Great visualisation!

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