Tuesday Affirmations – Prosperity & Financial Abundance

Posted in law of attraction on September 2, 2008 – 9:11 am
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In today’s economy, finances are on everyone’s mind. There are plenty of people who have bills piling up on their desk, afraid to answer the phone because of bill collectors. It seems silly, pointless, and a waste of time to write your affirmations.

Don’t let yourself get caught in the downward spiral of thoughts. Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction, God, Goddess, or nothing, the affirmations work! If nothing else, they lift your spirits so that you can face the day and find solutions to your problem. Even if you don’t believe, affirmations will work to bring to you what you desire, if you use them daily.

Starting a new habit is not easy.  It takes work.  Depending on your personality and situation, it may be hard work.  Don’t give up.  Keep going with your affirmations, you will see the results in every part of your life.  I’ve seen it happen in my life when I keep up my affirmations.  When I stop doing the affirmations, then the prosperity and abundance stop.  So I get back to work on doing my affirmations again.

Here is an easy affirmations to  write and say each day.  Write this affirmation out, at least 15 times or until it feels like it’s sunk into your heart and head.  Say it 100 x’s, whenever you want to, but don’t forget to do it today!

All bills are paid.  I have plenty of money for all my needs.


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