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Posted in fun on July 25, 2008 – 11:27 am
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As you can see, I have a slightly different look to my blog.  I’ve been looking for an easy solution to  customizing my blog without having to learn css or php…. which has not been an easy task.  There really aren’t any easy solutions, nor any WYSIWYGs for CSS or PHP files.  And the few “customizable” themes for wordpress that I was able to find were also NOT so easy.

What I had originally done was taken a blog theme that I liked and changed out the images for my own.  However, the problem there was that it was not widget ready, so anytime I wanted to add something to the sidebar, I had to manually add it to the php file.  Too much work!  AND it didn’t always work right if everything wasn’t just perfect… and I didn’t like that at all!

So, FINALLY, today, I found a GREAT theme that was perfectly simple to customize!  Which means that I could customize ALL my blogs now!  WOOHOO!  To find these themes that are so easily customizable, go to  I’ve linked directly to their post about creating your own wordpress theme.  And it really is as easy as it sounds.

Now, if I could just find a Twitter badge for my sidebar that was as easy!!


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