EFT, Affirmations and Instant Manifestation

Posted in law of attraction on July 31, 2008 – 9:34 am
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I happened onto this GREAT website today… I don’t remember exactly how, I think it was through one of my million yahoo groups or newsletters that I subscribe too (and no million is not an exageration LOL!). However I got there, doesn’t really matter, because the Universe sent me there none the less.

What I found on the the website was a way to get instant manifestations. More importantly than the speed, is the message. How to keep your affirmations positive so that they work better. Basically instead of saying “I want more money!” you’d say “Thank you for every dollar that I have as it gets me closer to the amount that I want”. The difference being the tone of the affirmation. The first tone, is of desperation, where as the second tone is through shear gratitude from the bottom of your soul. That gratitude will send your request to the universe like lightning.

So, instead of me saying “I need more clients. I need more money”… I say “Thank you for the customers that I have that are so loyal to me that they are continuing to give me work, which is sending me more money all the time.” The second affirmation makes me feel happy and good…. the first makes me feel, yicky (that is too a word).

Since I just found this site, I don’t have any results yet, but as soon as I have a result, I will let you know. At the very LEAST it’s already made me feel good about today!



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