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Posted in law of attraction on July 13, 2008 – 2:13 pm
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I started taking this wonderful prosperity class that my life coach is teaching.  It’s based on the book from Catherine PonderDynamic Laws of Prosperity.   It’s full of affirmations and ways to use them to bring abundance and prosperity into your life, whether it’s love, money, or anything else that you need or want more of.

With my recent legal issues (see my other blog Wyndsong’s Whispers), I mentioned it at my class, and my Coach told me to look it up in the book.  I found several good affirmations but this is the one that stuck out most, and has helped me feel a ton better through all this.

Nothing Can Defeat Me.  I Give Thanks For The Perfect Right Immediate Results.  I Rejoice In That I Am Now Successful In All My Ways.

Believe me, this has helped me tremendously through everything.  I’ve been writing these words down in my notebook over and over.  When I start to feel a little down, I start writing those words.  When I start feeling scared about money, I write those words.  They keep me from feeling bad, they keep me feeling positive.  They keep me from being too depressed.


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  1. Paul posted on July 15, 2008 at 3:02 pm | Permalink

    Repetition is key to getting affirmations lodged deeply into the mind. Having your brain in a state where it is receptive to the affirmations helps too. You can do this with brainwave entrainment. I use this technology and find it very effective.

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