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I found this through the Co-Creating Our Reality site, it’s called “The Dewey Color System“. It gives you a personality profile based on the colors you like and don’t like. You can get a free sample of the full report, but the full report only costs $9.95, so I think it’s well worth it!

Here’s what mine says (I chose mostly blues, cuz that’s my favorite color!):

What’s so “Fab” about you? 
You’re an Identity Creator

BLUE: initiator, visionary

GREEN: supportive, concerned

BLACK: emotional, focused

You’re in touch with your emotions and clearly express what you want. When you listen to others’ hopes, fears and concerns, they discover on their own what’s best for them, as well. You give to others the gift of knowing “who they are.”
Hue are You?
You’re an Identity Creator! You are in touch with your emotions and clearly express what you want.
You rely on your emotional awareness to improve your relationships. You are very dedicated


Since people can read you like an open book, you often listen to their counsel. You can bond one-on-one


You are a wonderful strategist, able to plan future designs with a clear, sharp, and imaginative style.
Taking On the World
Sometimes you have so much self-confidence you feel you can save the world.


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  1. Voodoo Who Do posted on June 18, 2008 at 7:12 am | Permalink

    You should try this test based on the color of your aura. That might give you a little more insight into you.

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