Crystal Walls Visualization

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This is something that I often do around my house for protection, clearing, and cleansing.  I’ve used this visualization many times to keep negative thoughts out or get rid of them out of my household.  I’ve found that it helps to take some of the burden off of my shoulders when I”m concerned about the area I’m living as well.

Close your eyes and relax.  Breath deeply and consciously and take yourself into a mild meditative state.  Not too deeply as you need to be able to focus on the crystal walls.  But deeply enough that you’ll be able to stay focused on the task at hand despite outside disturbances.

Once you are relaxed and feel focused and ready, start concentrating on your house and your property lines.  If you’re in an apartment feel with your mind the outside walls, floor & ceiling of your apartment.  Stretch your consciousness out to those limits until you can feel them as if they are a part of your skin and body.

Now, slowly concentrate on one side of the limits.  Visualize a large crystal wall coming up from the ground, rising out of the ground, along side your property or apartment limits.  See how the wall shimmers in the light as it grows.  How thick is your wall?  As the walls continues to slowly grow higher, fill it with loving energy, saying to yourself “Let only good come within these walls”.

Once, the wall is as high as you’d like it to go, find the side of it with your mind.  Now start stretching the wall along side the next limits of your property or apartment. Pull the wall across the limit, filling it with positive energy and repeating the line “Let only good come within these walls”.

Keep stretching the walls around the property until you are now enclosed within these walls.  If you’re in a house, you may not feel the need to create a bottom or a top for your box.  If you’re in an apartment you probably will want to create a top and bottom.  Follow the same guidelines for these walls as you did the others.  If you’re in a house and want to create a top and bottom, be sure to stretch the bottom wall down into the core of mother earth so you do not loose connection with her.  The top should go as high up as you feel comfortable. 

Once you have finished creating all the walls you want, continue filling the walls with positive thoughts and vibrations.  Be sure to tell the walls that they are a filter for negative thoughts and actions.  They are to let out the negative thoughts, and let in any positive ones.  This will keep the negative thoughts from stagnating in your home.

You shouldn’t have to re-establish the walls unless something  happens to make you feel like they need to be redone.  However, when you are meditating, you should always infuse the walls with more positive thoughts and vibrations.  It often helps me to go to sleep, to lay in bed and concentrate on the walls and re-enforce them at night. 

If something happens to make you feel like there is a leak or breakage somewhere in the walls, you can fix it easily.   Just stretch your mind out to the walls, and slowly run your mind up, down and around the walls till you find the weak spot.  Fill that spot with loving vibrations until you feel the hole is complete again.

I hope this helps in some way to keep your home feeling healthy, safe and positive.  It helps my home  .



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  1. Starfire posted on July 7, 2008 at 2:08 am | Permalink

    Hi Christine

    I found your blog when I was searching for a few Pagan and general mindfulness blogs that would help me fill the spiritual gap I’ve allowed to form over the past while, and I just wanted to let you know I really like this visualisation.

    I’m looking forward to trying it during my next meditation session – thank you for sharing it.



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