Why am I a Christian Witch?

Posted in Christian Witch on May 24, 2008 – 1:48 am
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I was asked by someone, to answer the question “Why am I a Christian Witch?” My
first thought was that I am because it fits me. There’s really not much more to
explain than that. After all how do answer the question “Why is a rose a rose?”
You can’t, it just is!
But then I let it stew in the back of my mind. I realized that there is a lot
more to it than that. My beliefs aren’t just arbitrary beliefs that I just came
up with on a whim! The beliefs I have today are because of all the learning and
growing I’ve done my entire life. And they will continue to change as I learn
and grow in the coming years.
I was raised Christian, but with an extremely open minded ideology. My mother
taught me and my siblings to question everything, including the bible and her,
and figure things out for ourselves. When I was a teen ager, my mother, my
sister and I started learning more about Christianity and other religions and
I started reading about using crystals for meditation, and about past lives.
things started clicking and making sense to me. And all of it fit into
Christianity. I never believed in trying to be a perfect person.. I always knew
that you couldn’t fit that mold.. you could try, but being human meant NOT being
perfect. I believed in Jesus, and I knew that this was all that I needed to hold
onto, and I did.
So I started exploring more and more into “New Age” stuff. Reading everything I
could get my hands on, practicing the things I found. There was so much that
spoke to my heart and soul. I discovered some books on witchcraft. I devoured
every page. This touched my heart like nothing ever had!
Now I realize that everyone talks about how the bible says tons of things
against witchcraft. there are several ways to look at that. One main thing is to
recognize that not everything is supposed to be taken literally. So why start
with witchcraft when there are plenty of other things in the bible that are much
better to take literally. And really if you’re going to take one verse literally
then you have to take it all literally.
Another thing most people talk about is the whole commandment of “Do not worship
any other gods before me”. Ok.. first of all, right there God is saying there
ARE other gods!!! OK, so I do ALREADY believe that the Christian “God” is what I
call “The Universe” which is that higher being that has no limits and no gender
and is *ABOVE OTHER GODS*. So I am following that commandment.
No, the commandment does not say “do not worship any other Gods but me”, it says
“Before Me”. And THEN the commandments say do not worship “false” gods. Yeah,
that’s like money, drugs, sex, ect. Things that control you that shouldn’t have
control over you… even religion can do that! Which is why you should take
EVERYTHING in moderation!
Anyway, the more I learned about witchcraft the more I loved it and felt like I
was coming home to it. I never felt like witchcraft and Christianity were in
opposition. I felt like they combined beautifully, and I still feel that way. So
basically I’m right back where I began this little entry, I *am* a Christian
witch because that’s what fits me.


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