Starting my first 100 Day Reality Challenge

Posted in Spirit on April 5, 2008 – 1:55 pm
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Tomorrow is day 1 and I bought the 100 Day Reality Challenge Workbook to help me along the way.  I want to start out right, so I thought this would be a good way to begin.   

My Goals:

1.     Physical

a.     Achieve my healthy weight

b.     Eating healthy – both me and my family

c.      Gaining strength and stamina

d.     healing ailments and getting my body to function properly

2.     Financial

a.     Create abundant wealth

b.     Create balanced and secure financial future

3.     Professional

a.     Find business that I love and will grow with

b.     Help others to do the same

c.      Teach my sons how to find the business they love

4.     Spiritual

a.     Meditate regularly

b.     Practice spirituality regularly


These are my long term goals.  I don’t know if some of them are maybe a little too ambitious for my very first 100 day challenge, but I figure “shoot for the moon – fall among the stars”.  Either way, these are the ultimate goals that I’m working towards and every step counts.



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  1. Ketutar posted on March 19, 2009 at 2:39 am | Permalink

    So… how did it go?

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