Creation Myth by Christine

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Once upon a time there was darkness. And darkness was a happy creature. She
could fly and soar through space, and there was nothing to hinder her every
whim. She was quite content in this freedom for many many years. Until one day,
after soaring around, she realized that she couldn’t tell how fast she was
flying through space. Nor could she tell how far she traveled.
So the Dark Goddess thought and thought about what she could do to show speed
and distance. Soon the Dark Goddess realized that if she created time, that she
would be able to know how fast she was going. But then she realized that time
needs physical objects to count with. So the Goddess decided to create the
She dotted the Darkness with beautiful stars all over. Painting many galaxies of
planets and stars and moons. The Goddess made all of the planets turning deosil
around all the suns, and all the moons turned deosil around the planets. And all
the solar systems went deosil around to make pretty swirls in the sky. Pretty
soon, there wasn’t just darkness around the Goddess, there were beautiful jewels
all around her.
The great Dark Goddess looked around her was smiled! She was pleased! She had
created something magickal, beautiful. And now as she soared through the
darkness she could see how fast she was going, and how far she traveled. The
stars would create beautiful streaks in the corner of her eyes as she flew past
them all.
The Dark Goddess was very happy with what she had created. And stayed happy for
a very long time. Until one day as she was flying around, and was looking at all
the beautiful stars and planets, that she started to feel something strange. She
felt sad, that she was the only being that was seeing her creations. And then
she felt something even more distressing. She felt loneliness, for not having
another to share these sights with.
Then the Dark Goddess had a wonderful idea. She would create other creatures on
one of the planets to share all of this wondrous beauty with. She picked one of
her favorite blue planets to start with. There were already luscious forests and
meadows all over the planet. So she knew that the creatures she created would
have plenty to eat and drink. Then she got to working on her children.
First she created creatures that lived in the waters of the planet. She gave
them names, and languages to speak with each other. She created the very tiniest
to the very largest of these creatures, all of them knowing her love and her
And the greatest of the water creatures she names Whales, and bestowed on them a
wondrous gift. The gift of history. They above all other creatures will know the
beginning and they will know the end. She sang to them her song of freedom
before, when there was only darkness. She sang to them the song of how she
created time and all the stars in the darkness. And then she sang to them of her
sadness and loneliness, so they will know why she created all the creatures of
the world. And she made them one great promise. That she will continue to sing
to them and give them more of her songs through out the ages, but only if they
will continue to sing her songs as long as there is one whale alive. Their job
was to remind all the other creatures of her love for them through the Whale
The next creatures she created, were the creatures of air. She created many a
beast with great wings. And she created many a tiny insect that flew fast and
busily through the air. They all had their jobs, to create foods, to pollinate
the plants, and to hunt. But none were greater than the Dragons.
The Goddess bestowed upon the Dragons, a great burden. She knew their powerful
souls and shoulders could carry it. They were the keepers of wisdom. She taught
them how the universe worked, and why everything had many purposes. She taught
them about Karma, reincarnation, and the meaning of life. She gave them all of
this wisdom to hold, until others were ready to understand. And then the dragons
were to guide them through these lessons.
The Goddess then started to create all the creatures of the land. From the
tiniest worms digging through the dirt, to the mightiest of the lions and apes.
She made sure that each animal of the land kept in line with the circle of life.
And there were many great and wondrous creatures. But there was one creature,
not the greatest, but the most special, that the Goddess chose to give her gift.
The Unicorn, was her most special of all the creatures. It’s majestic main, and
sparkling horn, proved its magickal presence. To this amazing creature, the
Goddess bestowed the gift of innocence. Innocence of belief in what you can’t
see, innocence of hope without proof, and love without reason. The unicorns
accepted these gifts gladly, for they knew their importance.
Finally the Dark Goddess looked at all that she had done. She saw the beauty and
magic in every single creature she created. She was apart of all of them. And
yet, she wasn�t satisfied. There was something missing. She realized that though
all her creatures were beautiful and had purpose, that there was a need for one
more creature to be granted guardianship over all of them. So she created a
creature that resembled herself. This creature would be able to give birth, feed
her daughters of her own body, and would teach them their whole lives. This was
woman! She encompassed all that the Goddess was as the mother.
Then the Dark Goddess pulled apart another creature from the woman, and this she
called man. Man would be the other part of the Dark Goddess, who protects, and
kills when necessary, to take care of woman and her children. And to these two
creatures, she bestowed upon them the responsibility of taking care of the
entire world. It would be their job, and their children’s job, and every
generation from here on, to take care of every creature great and small. To take
care of every plant, and keep the world safe from destruction. And their helpers
would be the three great beasts, the Whale, the Dragon, and the Unicorn. They
would be the human’s guides and teacher to help them through out the centuries.
As the Goddess stepped back and looked at her creations, their beauty awed her.
The Dark Goddess was pleased with her children.


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