The True Meaning of Christmas

Posted in Rants, Spirit on December 21, 2007 – 7:43 pm
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I was inspired to write this because of so many people talking about how
Christmas has become so commercialized and that everyone forgets the “true
meaning of Christmas”. What *IS* the true meaning of Christmas? Well if you
listen to Linus from peanuts, and many other people, they would say that it is
about the birth of Jesus and celebrating his birth.

ummmm.. sorry to burst everyone’s bubble but WRONG! First off Jesus was not born
in December. Most accounts have him born in late September early October… but
that isn’t a hard fact. Secondly it’s not when the 3 wise men came to see Jesus
either! Jesus wasn’t a baby when they saw him, he was at LEAST 3 years old!! It
took them at least three years to travel from their lands to where Jesus was in
Bethlehem… and they were ASTROLOGERS!! hehe.. so the whole thing of Christmas
being too commercialized and getting away from the “true” meaning of Christmas
is a bunch of bunk!

Christmas is the christianized version of another old pagan holy day, Yule, or
midwinter! The Winter Solstice, which is Dec. 21-23, depending on the year.
Everything that we do on Christmas, including the myth of Jesus’ birth, comes
from Old Pagan ways.

In almost all pre-Christian cultures, they celebrated the birth of the God
during Yule. They put up trees for decoration, and Santa is the Original “jolly
old *ELF*” which was a winter spirit! So we are celebrating Christmas like it
was supposed to be celebrated.. with Santa, with Trees, and giving to others.

Oh, and the reason for always having a huge feast at Yule was because this was
to bring all the villagers together, to remind each other that winter won’t
reign forever. To be merry through the dark days of the year! Yule was the
longest night, and there fore was the last night of the dark days. From that day
forward the days would get longer and warmer and new life would spring from the
dead earth. Reminding us that there is a cycle to life, and that nothing stays
gone and dark forever.


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